Laurent SUREAU

Laurent grew up in a musical family, and has a passion for early music.

He began studying piano at age 6, then enlarges its range of colors by studying percussion: classic and contemporary first (timpani, vibraphone, ...), then drums of various continents (congas, cajon, west Africa's balafons), and drums, chromatic balafon, Hang and Handpans.


He enjoys mixing everything he knows, sailing between singing, body percussion, exploring the blending with the eclectic background of musical experiences.

It's through various meetings throughout his life that Laurent has built a very personal musical identity.


Multi-instrumentalist and sound engineer, Jeremy gathered all his influences and experiences in a unique show, Panoramic.

Surrounded by his 4 hangs and its battery played to feet, it will take you into the intoxication of ethnic grooves, acoustic trance and lyricism of his compositions.